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About Us

Varun Tyagi CEO and Founder of Make Me Tripy.His happiness comes from seeing other happy,usually from his life long passion of showing people his beautiful homeland india and other countries. For making your trip easy and save your time Make Me Tripy provide  you best service on time. Builds trust in  booking online your trip and safe traveling. Founded by  entrepreneur Varun Tyagi. We are working with 25+ countries for making you tripy.

In his family his 20 generations are doing social work and all love traveling so in 21 generation Varun Tyagi decided to open a company by which he can make traveling easier in India and other countries.

Westerner Public Relations officer - Daria Ivanova (SAINT PETERSBURG,RUSSIA)

Business Development Officer - Varsha Tyagi

 Adventure Instructor - Himanshi jhoshi

We are also proud to be supported by our advisors: 


Prabodh Mishra (B.H.U VARANASI)


Aarushi Sharma (IIT DELHI)

Special Thanks for:
*Anya Solovyeva (MOSCOW,RUSSIA)


Hi everybody! Being an average human, I believe to do the thing in a more appropriate way that helps you speak little but your actions advocate you louder than your words. I rather say here, my business is my passion and I always use to figure out myself as a tourist, not as a tour operator. I keep the thing in progressive moldings till it satisfies my prospects of inner self and appreciations from my observers. This is the only reason; today Choice Holidays has emerged as an innovative tourism firm in this region and spreading out its access to infinite horizons of Travel Industry.
We have a strong vision and decided roadmap ahead to move with our people, those who just believe in our quality services and always prefer us to choose as their first choice, prior any second thought in their minds. Developing a business strategy that keeps people interest and belief in us is what we are immensely and focally aimed.
I am thankful to all those who gave me a chance to prove myself, you all are my inspiration and I will remain patriotic, focused and in your services, as you all gave me my recognition and you gave me an entity as a successful Founder to lead Make Me Tripy. Every time when you give us your travel and tourism bookings, you let me feel the same and realize me that I am still good to serve you better because quality never compromised at Make Me Tripy.
Best regards,
Varun Tyagi (CEO and Founder : Make Me Tripy)