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Srikhanda Mahadev 16/04/2019

Śrīkhaṇḍa Mahadev is adjacent to the great Himalayan National Park of himachal. According to local people, Lord Shiva resides on this peak. The height of its shivling is 72 feet. There's a track between the beautiful valleys to reach here. During the amarnath pilgrimage, people take the support of mules. There is a hard climb of 35 km of shrikhand mahadev on which a mule can not walk. The road to shrikhand goes from rampur to buśaihara. From Here, the garden, after the garden, and after the end, begins to travel. The Legends of the śrīkhaṇḍa believe that the demon demon had asked his penance for a blessing from shiva that he would have burnt his hand on whom he had given his hand. Due to a demonic gesture he decided to marry mother parvati. Therefore, bhasmāpura planned to burn him with his hands on Shiva, but lord vishnu destroyed his intentions. Vishnu captured mother parvati and agreed to dance with him to dance. During the dance, nurtured put his hand on his head and burnt it. Even today, the soil and the water are seen red. Travel Date: 15 to 30 July 2017 Rampur to rampur-130 km 17 km from rampur-17 km Garden From Redmond-17 km Go to the garden - about 12 kilometers How to reach śrīkhaṇḍa - You can get to the garden or arnab road on the distance of 35 M 0 M from rampur-Lrb-Shimla to 130 km-RRB -. The Natural Shiva Cave-Lrb-from shimla to 0-RRB -. In the seven temples, there are nine goddesses including mother parvati, the parshuram temple, the dakshinashwar mahadev, Hanuman Temple, arasu, sinhagāḍa, jōtakālī, bakaasur, bakaasur, ḍhaṅkadvāra and kunṣā etc. From the garden, there can be 7 kms from the garden, which can be reached from the car to the village by 0 km. From Jām̐va, singh is 3, 0, 0, 8 M. 0, 0 M. 0, and from thācaṛū, bhim ḍavāra is the distance of 9 M 0. In all three, there is a day of langar at the service of passengers from the sri section service team. The Shri section kailash darshan is on the distance of 7 M 0 and after philosophy, bhim ḍavāra or thācaṛū returned. Ana is mandatory The visit comes to sinhagāḍa, thācarū, kālīkuṇḍa, bhīmaḍavārī, parvati garden, nayanmars and bhīmabahī. Sinhagāḍa is the base camp of travel. The devotees are allowed to travel after the medical certificate has been submitted with the name of the medical certificate. On the behalf of the śrīkhaṇḍasēvā committee, every reading is arranged for the devotees.
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